Hidden in the forest, under the rough and fissured surface, lie delectable secrets. The second of my Live Edge series, Truffle is a guitar whose body is carved entirely from a single maple burl. The slim and compact body shape is surprisingly light, smooth, and perfectly follows the contours of the players' body. The neck is a well-aged, straight and perfectly quartercut slab of Jatoba. As the strongest commercially available timber in the the world, there was no need for a tone-robbing truss rod.

Two Lace Alumitone pickups are each provided with independent volume controls- in this way the player can choose no only the overall output level, but also dial in any tone between the flute-clear neck pickup and the tough twang of the bridge humbucker. Frets are superjumbo stainless steel; the individual bridge/tuner units are by T4M, but modified and augmented with my wrap-lock string retainers for great stability and easy tuning.