Mike Sankey


Ottawa, Canada



I've been building and repairing guitars for 16 years. Each one is crafted individually, slowly, by hand. I give my instruments names, not serial numbers, because every one is unique. I like to maintain a modern and functionalist aesthetic, showcasing the natural beauty of local woods. Hopefully you'll enjoy them too!




The Greatest Show on Earth!

This November I have the great privilege of exhibiting my guitars alongside 110 of the world's finest luthiers. Many of these folks have, without knowing it, been inspirations to me. Amazingly creative people like Michael Spalt, the Pagellis, Ken Parker, Michihiro Matsuda, and dozens of others, all in one place! If you're a guitar lover, you need to be at this show, even if you have to fly to Berlin like me. Check out their website to learn more:


New Amp: "Ol' Brown Shoe"

Here's a sweet little amp that'll have you asking yourself "Why are all my amps so ugly? And heavy? And complicated?" It's a bundle of simple warm tube tone, wrapped in a package that's built the way a fine handmade intrument should be. Clic on the pic to learn more...


New Guitar: "A-Train"

This is the end result of the video you see below. A-train is a full-sized but comfortably-proportioned acoustic archtop guitar, with a seventh string tuned down to A. Click on the pic to see more...


Carving an archtop guitar (video)

carving an archtop guitar soundboard from Michael Sankey on Vimeo.


Here's a little video I made: it's a stop-motion of the process of carving an archtop guitar. The soundtrack is me playing the completed instrument, "A-train". Enjoy!


New Amp: "Sonic Vertigo"


Oftentimes it's easier to build anew than to repair the old. But when a friend gave me the spinning speaker out of an old console organ (broken, of course), I knew I had to save it. With some old parts and some new, I have turned it into a totally unique guitarists' combo amp. Click on the pic to read more...