To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, many of my clients have simple tastes- they only want the best. So when I was asked to make a guitar that was ultra light, had a fretboard and neck shaped to exacting tolerances, and  could produce a great variety and depth of tones, my answer was simple too: "Sure".

Rosebud is that guitar. It utilizes my unique integrated body and neck construction, which allows most of the instrument to be constructed of lightweight Butternut. It's even chambered! Too weak on its own to withstand the string tension, the Butternut is reinforced by strategic use of a strip of extremely stiff and dense Kabo rosewood down the centre. The fretboard, control knobs, and electronics cover are naturally made to match.

Regular hardware on a light body can make a guitar neck-heavy, so we opted for Gotoh Stealth tuners and a Tatsuta dual-action truss rod, made entirely of titanium! The frets are naturally stainless-steel, and will last almost indefinitely.

The pickups are a combination of a neck position humbucker custom-wound by JD pickups, and a piezo wraparound bridge by Graphtech. Each has a dedicated volume control, which the built-in Ghost preamp can mix down to mono for standard amps, or split to stereo if the situation allows.