The effortless speed of a peregrine falcon's flight has to be experience to be appreciated. And Peregrine is a guitar built for just such lethal speed and accuracy.

I applied my unique two-piece integrated neck/body process to a slab of sustainably harvested Fijian Mahogany. The result is undeniably light, resonant, and stable. The headless design and dramatic wedge cross-section makes this a remarkably comfortable guitar in hand too. It sports a lovely striped cocobolo fretboard with superjumbo stainless steel frets and a dual-action truss rod.

With a genuine Steinberger R-tremolo Bridge and Jcustom dual-mount headpiece, tremolo work from subtle vibratos to extreme sonic effects can be achieved with good tuning stability. The two Bareknuckle Black Hawk pickups add to the mayhem with tons of power and grit.