Peekaboo is my latest foray into making a seven-string ergonomic guitar that serves aesthetically as well as functionally. The swooping complimentary curves contain a hollow interior, exposed by a deep bevel in the upper bass bout. Peeking out from the edge of the opening are the volume and tone wheels, in an unobtrusive yet easily accessed location.

The neck and body are made of my signature black walnut, and capped with a slice of canadian red spruce, often regarded as the best of soundboard tonewoods. The minimalist, undecorated ebony fretboard holds jumbo stainless steel frets from zero to twenty four.

ABM single string bridges with integrated tuners provide rock-solid stability, and the Lace Alumitone pickups produce sparkling, high-fidelity and noise-free tone.

The neck is a first for me. That's Rick Toone's patented Trapezoid Neck Profile™ (TNP™) (US pat. D630,676), implemented at the request of the customer. While unusual, it is very comfortable. It provides a wide landing pad for the thumb while playing barre chords, and terrific leverage while bending.