Peaches & Cream


Headless guitar are known to be better balanced and more comfortable to play- in conjunction with a body shape which places the neck in a more upright position, even after hours of jamming you’ll still feel just Peachy.

Peaches & Cream has a resonant body core of Alaskan Yellow Cedar, capped with plates of pink-streaked Box Elder. This is actually a species of maple, unique in that the spalting process results in vibrant pink streaks instead of black lines. The neck is a variety of Southeast Asian Rosewood; this particular piece has the most superb tap tone of any wood I have yet encountered, for a truly special tone and feel. It is also so dense, stiff, and stable that no truss rod is needed. The stainless steel frets are Plek-processed too, so the action and playability are as absolutely perfect as the laws of physics allow.

It’s equipped with two Lace Alumitone pickups. Rather than a master volume and master tone, the timbre and amplitude are infinitely adjustable via two separate volume controls. In this way any variation between clarity, grit, depth, warmth, and bite can be dialled in.

The bridge and tuners represent the state of the art in both cases. The bridge is made of 3-d printed metal, while the tuners are the machined version of my Wrap-Lock concept, with ball-bearing thrust plates for easy operation and long life.