With swirling oranges and blacks on the cocobolo rosewood top, I was reminded of lava and volcanism. Hence, Magmatic.

It's seven strings of ergonomically shaped, hollow-bodied electric guitar. In this case, the client provided the initial design idea. It looked great, so I was happy to build it. The black walnut body frame and back are a full 2" deep, while the african ebony fretboard and solid cocobolo neck are sturdy, stable, and toneful.

The single Seymour Duncan Jazz pickup (well matched to the heavy flatwound strings) is ideal for smooth legato playing. The body is chambered so fully that it has a decent acoustic presence as well.

The individual bridge/tuners and locking headpieces are from T4M. As usual, medium stainless steel frets and a two-way adjustable truss rod ensure long-term playing performance.