An innovative project...

...for an innovative guitarist. Local musician Tim Bedner has commissioned me to build him a very special guitar. As an extremely technically proficient player, Tim knew what he wanted, and wasn't afraid to think outside the box to acheive his ideal. This is a mockup of what we came up with:

Strange shape? It's designed to balance and sit naturally at a more ergonomically correct angle. The missing headstock? That's right, it's headless- the tuners are mounted behind the bridge. And that weird angle where the headstock should be? That's because it uses multiple scale lengths- the lower strings have a longer length that the trebles, to get better tension and hence intonation. There are a few other special touches that will be revealed later. It'll be a great engineering challenge to build this guitar. The question is, how am I going to make that, out of this:

Stay tuned, we'll be revisiting this guitar as it progresses.