Tulip Fever


The fifth guitar of my Live Edge series, Tulip Fever is a distillation of the essence of the electric guitar.

It is literally made of only five wood pieces- the body is a single slab of gloriously figured black walnut, while the neck is a monolithic bar of brazilian tulipwood. A variety of true rosewood, it is one of the strongest and most stable of timbers, as well as one of the most musically resonant and smooth to the touch. As such, it needs no truss rod, allowing the natural tone of the wood to be heard.

Even the pickup, custom-made by Ezi Pickups, is a unique design ensconced in a block of the same tulipwood. The tone is incredibly detailed and open, perfect for capturing the subtle character of carefully selected tonewoods. When a guitar sounds this good, there's no need to choke the sound with extra electronics- a single sealed Bournes volume pot is the only control.

The acoustic-style tulipwood bridge, with bone saddle, ensures direct tonal coupling between the strings and the wood of the body, leaving nothing lost in transmission. The headless tuning mechanisms by T4M are a special design, which locks the plain string end in the tuner itself.