Sleek, slim, and speedy, Talon is the tool to use when you need to cut through the din.

A hard-working players' guitar, it had to be light and comfortable for long sessions. Hence, a body of straight-grained douglas-fir. It's capped with a gorgeous slab of grafted walnut, accented by the eye-popping ziricote fretboard and headplate.

The neck is a rock-solid 5-piece laminate of padouk sandwiched with more walnut, naturally incorporating a double-acting truss rod. A mild multiscale  gives the bass more definition and bite, while remaining slinky and supple on the high end.

Putting this power down to business are sturdy and precise Gotoh 510 locking tuners, ABM individual bridges, and the biggest stainless steel frets available. The two lace alumitone pickups are bolted directly to the body for maximum impact.