Raw tone is the theme of my Live Edge series of electric guitars. My latest addition, Sweetcheek, is a slab of black cherry wood sculpted to smoothly follow the contours of the players’ body. The result is a fulfilling sense of one-ness with this unique tone generating tool.

The neck is a single piece of striped ebony; for added stability, it seamlessly incorporates a substantial carbon-fibre hollow tube. The multi scale fret placement, from 25” to 26.25”, not only falls naturally under the fingers, but enhances the tone and intonation towards the bass strings. The single staggered-humbucker by Ezi Pickups is grain-matched to be an extension of the neck itself, and provides an unmatched level of detail and nuance.

Sweetcheek is also fitted with my latest development, a set of wrap-lock tuners in 3-d printed metal, with monolithic adjustable bridge to match.