The goal of an electric guitar can be, on the one hand, a tool only for the precise input of information from the fingers, like a computer keyboard. On the other hand, the goal can be for the guitar to have its own identity, to stamp its own personality on the sound it produces. It takes a skilled player to negotiate the best terms with such a guitar; the resultant output has a depth and humanity unachievable any other way. Perseus is such a guitar- it may be shaped as an ergonomic electric guitar, but the acoustically tuned spruce soundboard and figured maple back ensure that it has a lively acoustic presence as well.

Headless hardware by ABM anchors the strings, with Mule humbucker pickups by Bareknuckle. The hidden secret to the amplified tone is the piezo soundboard transducers by K&K, activated automatically by a stereo cable. The body core is FSC-certified Fijian mahogany, with an ebony fretboard and local hard maple neck.