A rare bird indeed, Nightflight is best described as an archtop classical guitar. Designed from the ground up to be strung with nylon strings, it is similar in outline to the classic Ramirez plantilla, but that's all. A unique bolt-on neck joint and integral thrust bar allows for an extremely light and responsive top, while also allowing easier neck angle changes. The tailpiece height is also adjustable in order to optimize the bridge break angle. The soundports located around the edges of the waist provide the top with maximum resonating surface area, and the Peghed 4:1 ratio tuners are the perfect blend of classic looks, light weight, and modern tuning convenience.

 It was built in response to the "Local Woods Challenge" of the 2016 Holy Grail Guitar Show. I was proud to showcase some unusual but effective woods found in my region: black walnut for the back and one-piece sides, eastern white cedar for the soundboard, butternut for the neck shaft and linings, and finally figured hop-hornbeam for the fretboard and tailpiece. All in all the guitar weights just over 1 KG.