Nature, toneful in the raw. That is the the theme of  "Live Edge", my new series of guitars featuring the natural exterior of the tree from which the body was carved. Destroyer is an extremely comfortable, ergonomically shaped guitar; that striking top edge is positioned so that it doesn't interfere with the player. The guitar sits naturally in the raised-neck position, whether standing or sitting, and comfortably follows the contours of the players' body.

Another feature of the Live Edge series are monolithic multiscale necks. When made from the appropriate timber, these single-piece unreinforced necks are actually more stable on an electric guitar than a typical two-piece construction. And being a single flawless unit, they vibrate at a distinctive fundamental frequency, like a marimba bar. On Destroyer the neck is shaped from well-aged, perfectly quarter cut Ziricote, simply sanded and polished to a fast-feeling satin finish. The Lace Alumitone pickup is chosen for its broad frequency response curve, which allows the output to reflect the nuanced tone of the wood itself. Frets are of course jumbo stainless steel, and the individual bridge/tuner and locking headpiece units are by T4M.