Corduroy zags where others zig. Instead of an ultra-smooth, super-shiny finish, this guitar utilizes a normally overlooked quality of natural wood: its texture. Corduroy has an integrated neck and body made from Eastern Hemlock (the coniferous tree, not the poison of greek history), carefully treated to wear away the soft spring wood and leave the harder latewood. The result feels like ancient driftwood scoured by sand and sea. It's exceptionally light too, at only 4lbs.

The fretboard is of ultra-rare figured hop-hornbeam, with narrow stainless-steel frets. It's complimented by matching headplates, and the neck is reinforced with carbon fiber for added stiffness and stability. Graph-tech saddles and Lace Aluma-90 pickups give the perfect combination of tone and power, while jewel-like Gotoh Stealth tuners keep weight off the head. Who says you need mass for sustain?